MTV VMA 2013 PerformanceEdit

During the MTV VMA 2013 performance of Miley Cyrus, she sang her new song We Can't Stop. During the song, she made very sexual moves, but it really got attention when Robin Thicke came on stage and sang his song Blurred Lines with Miley. During the song she grabbed a fake foam hand and started touching him near his crotch area. Then she started twerking on him. Since that, people have been calling Miley a whore, and a slut. It got a lot of attention, and on YouTube her recent music videos got multiple dislikes due to her new sleazy image.

Wrecking Ball Music VideoEdit

On September 9, 2013 a music video for Wrecking Ball was released. It got 19.3 million views in 24 hours, currently holding the record. However, the music video received multiple dislikes due to the video. In the video, Miley gets naked while swining on a wrecking ball, and was licking a hammer multiple times in the video.